Advantages Of Buying a Mobile Home
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Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of buying a mobile home will help you decide if this housing option is for you. The choice really depends on your personal situation. It might help to offer an explanation of some of the differences (in definition and application) between mobile homes, manufactured homes and modular homes before. Continue reading

Modern Homes

Not Your Grandfather’s Trailer

Modern manufactured homes are extremely different than the mobile homes built prior to 1976. Manufactured homes are built in three standard sizes—single wide, double wide and triple wide. They are built entirely inside home building facilities that are climate controlled to avoid weather delays and almost always have countless customizable options such as types of flooring, cabinetry, and exterior finish, just to name a few. Continue reading


Manufactured Homes are as Safe as Traditional Homes During a Storm

ARLINGTON, Va. — Manufactured homes are as safe as traditional homes during a storm, and in hurricane zones, the standards for manufactured homes are more stringent than regional and national building codes for site-built homes. Continue reading


Myths About Manufactured Homes

By Alex Yeager In Manufactured Home News

Old myths and stereotypes surrounding prefabricated housing are obsolete and misleading.

The lack of affordable homeownership has reached crisis level in the country. Lower income wage earners and many middle-income citizens have been priced out of the traditional site built home market. Continue reading


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See "The Charleston"

Check out this 3/2 double wide mobile home with a huge master bedroom and two large regular bedrooms.